Dizzy Swallows

And So…

March 29th, 2013

Today (in total, day 9) is the official end of our cleanse. Be it in part due to the vastly improved weather or other signs of spring – sunshine for days straight, flowers blooming, slackline up – I am feeling positively wonderful. Having consumed only whole foods and juices for the last week, we have successfully weaned ourselves off the sugar, salt, and fat rampant in processed foods. Though I will admit that my mind keeps wandering back to a certain bag of potato chips lurking in my pantry…

As I mentioned previously, this detox period has made me poignantly aware of what I am feeding my body. Don’t misunderstand me, I would describe myself as something of a hedonist (remember this Anthony Bourdain quote?), and firm believer that one of the greatest joys in life is good food. Sometimes our bodies just need a reminder of what that actually … Continue reading

Still Cleansing

March 25th, 2013

Well my darlings, we made it 3 days on the master cleanse, and then both felt an extreme need for sustenance other than sugar. After breaking our fast in less than ideal fashion (let’s just say certain noodle cravings we’re satisfied), we decided to continue our cleanse through Friday of this week. Now, however, we have switched to fresh juices (It pays to have a juicer at times like this. Evidence: the green monster my friend Hannah is modeling in the featured photo) and raw food during the day, with an evening meal of simple brown rice, or quinoa, and veggies. We’ve also added in the occasional miso soup, which is a deliciously savory change from the sweetness of juice.

For those of you curious, during the days of master cleansing I felt great for the most part – high energy, clearheaded, and hugely productive with so much extra time … Continue reading


March 22nd, 2013 2 Comments

This week Jacob and I have embarked on something of an adventure together. We are undertaking a spring cleaning of our bodies. Weapon of choice: the master cleanse. We are currently on day two, of at least a three day fast. Eight if we’re ambitious. Ten if we’re slightly insane. Considering all I could think about from 5pm until I fell asleep last night was a giant plate of phad thai, I’m guessing we won’t make it to eight days.

I’ve done juice fasts fairly regularly (meaning perhaps once a year for 2-5 days) since before college but this is a beast of a different nature. The master cleanse officially includes drinking salt water (ugh) and laxative tea (gah), but we’re happily forgoing such things. Instead, we are drinking the following concoction 6-12 times per day:

2 Tbsp. organic maple syrup
2 Tbsp. fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
1/10 tsp. … Continue reading