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Wedding Wreath

February 27th, 2013 1 Comment

Remember the apple tree pruning? Well waste not, want not as they say. Yesterday I constructed the base for a huge floral wreath, lashing and weaving together the water sprouts. I had such fun maneuvering and nesting the shoots between and around each other, covering the initial wired round. There’s something undeniably pleasing about the lithe lengths running side by side, over and under, fuzzed and ruddy on the tip, slick and green at the base.

The wreath is about 3 1/2 feet in diameter and I intend it to hang over us, festooned with flowers and ferns, as we exchange vows.

I’m using the beautiful floral wreath from this 100 Layer Cake styled shoot as inspiration.

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Little Bits for a Monday – Christmas Crafts Edition

December 10th, 2012

The Christmas spirit has officially ensconced us in its twinkling, pine-scented warmth. I’ve strung lights, hung my first real mistletoe (love!), and last night I knitted up one of these fairisle globe ornaments.

So today I hope you’ll forgive me if I share a few Bits for the season. I understand, however, that if you’re anything like my sister, you won’t appreciate Christmas carols just yet (or maybe ever) so the video I’m sharing is an old, un-holiday favorite: the timeless Mrs. Eartha Kitt crooning “C’est Ci Bon”.

Once I’ve gotten out my knitting, it’s difficult for me to stop. I think my next single evening project will be these adorable miniature stocking ornaments. They, and the globes previously mentioned, are a great way to use up yarn scraps!


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Flower Pom Tutorial

November 20th, 2012

The rain is official here. Yesterday we woke to a roaring deluge, entirely unlike the usual misting dampness that generally assails the Seattle area. By noon, streets were underwater. By the evening, we were bailing out the basement, and cursing the leaves that had clogged the ancient drain. Ah the joys of homeownership.

These soggy days leave me itchy for crafts. So what better time to work on the paper flowers I’m making for a bit of wedding decor? Fun and relatively easy, I thought I’d share a quick how-to with you today. I’ve adapted this from the original Martha Stewart Pom-pom tutorial to create a flower rather than a sphere. I’m scheming to make some colored ones as well, so they’ll look even more like peonies!

Materials (per flower):
  • 8 sheets of 18″ x 20″ tissue paper
  • 1 18″ piece floral stem wire (I use 22 gauge, white)
  • Scissors
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Little Bits for a Monday

November 12th, 2012

This grey morning I feel in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Enter The Lumineers, an East Coast by way of Colorado trio, playing “an amalgam of heart-swelling stomp-and-clap acoustic rock, classic pop, and front-porch folk.” This track, “Ho Hey” is probably they’re most famous, off their eponymous, self-recorded 2011 EP. I dare you to hold still:

This weekend, Jacob and I hit up our local craft store for the first round of wedding supplies (more on that anon). I am now kicking myself that I didn’t get the supplies to make one of these genius DIY magnets. All you have to do is buy the plastic animal of your choice, saw it in half, spray-paint if desired, and attach a magnet to the back! Next time…


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Little Bits for a Monday

August 20th, 2012

Good morning my dears. I trust we all had a lovely weekend? Here in Seattle we’ve enjoyed a gorgeously sunny August. A good thing too, as we have considerable work to do on the old homestead before the autumnal rains are upon us.

Today I wanted to share a fun little ditty, from two bands I was recently introduced to. The song is called “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From” by the Norwegian duo, Kings of Convenience. This particular track is remixed by fellow Norwegians, Röyksopp. I highly recommend checking out both groups, Kings for their airy, Elliott Smith-like vocal and unassuming guitar, Röyksopp for their sheer prowess in what is referred to as “warm” electronica.

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