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Little Bits for a Monday: DIY Clothing Edition

August 6th, 2012

Good morning lovelies! I have a fun summer tune for you, complete with an inspiring video that will have you dancing by yourself in no time; Risky Business-style. The band is a lovely duo called Slow Club. The video is for one of their more well known tracks, “Two Cousins”, off their 2011 album, Paradise.

Today I wanted to share a collection of great clothing DIYs I scrounged from Pinterest. Each one is a super easy way spruce up your summer ensemble. The images are fairly self-explanatory but in case you need extra help, there is a link below each to the original post. Enjoy!

Make any tee vintage soft:


Turning an over-sized tee into a dress:


Lactice-lace your shoes:


Adding lace to cut-off shorts:


Bleach painting:

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Little Bits for a Monday

June 20th, 2011

For the last few weeks, the interwebs have been all abuzz with the impending release (tomorrow, in fact) of Bon Iver‘s new self-titled album, Bon Iver. Singer-songwriter Justin Vernon has surpassed himself with this effort. Blowing by past successes like so much prairie grass, Bon Iver never for a moment rests on the laurels won by Vernon’s 2007 hit album, For Emma, Forever Ago. As the good folks as NPR Music put it so nicely: “Vernon understands that the most fearless musical expression is raw, naked emotionalism — that a wink is a pose, a pose is a mask, and a mask is a forgery, so why bother with any of that?”

Below you will find the album’s first video release, featuring the single, “Calgary”. Directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting, and co-written by Justin Vernon himself, it’s like a high-concept dream just waiting for interpretation. … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

June 13th, 2011

How was everyone’s weekend? I trust we are all enjoying the change in seasons? Seattle has felt on the brink of summer for the past three weeks and this weekend was no exception, with both blazing sunshine and blustery skies. As long as the pendulum swings more often to sun, I am just fine with that.

This morning I would like to share a fun, summery video, full of 60’s inspired doo-wop and danceability. The the track, “Why Can’t We”, is off French-Nigerian singer Asa‘s sophomore effort, Beautiful Imperfection. Let me know what you think, my lovelies!

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I have always nursed a deep and abiding love of letters. There’s something so much more personal about a handwritten note than the digital coldness of an email. Nowadays it really does take an extra effort to use the post, but doesn’t that just make it more … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

May 30th, 2011 2 Comments

Happy Memorial Day chicklets! I trust we are all still enjoying a well deserved cold beverage and kicking up our feet, yes? We certainly have had quite the weekend thus far, and I have a big fat juicy blog coming your way on Wednesday about a certain something new. Today, however, I think we all need some little bits in our life.

Ben Harper’s latest album Give Till It’s Gone has earned nothing but praise. Though I have yet to hear the entire album, I must say my excitement at the return of a long-loved (musical) friend was dampened with the release of the album’s first single: “Rock and Roll is Free”. It is nothing short of appalling. And very un-Ben. I offered up prayers of gratitude, therefore, when I heard the wonderful track “Don’t Give Up On Me Now”. The video isn’t much to write home about but … Continue reading

Woven Fabric Heidi Braids

April 15th, 2011 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! How has another Friday crept up on us so quickly? What are your plans for the weekend? Jacob and I are heading to LA bright and early tomorrow for the wedding of a very dear friend (well, two very dear friends). Oh sweet sunshine. Not only do we get to celebrate their commitment ceremony in Santa Monica, on Monday we get to do it all over again in Vancouver for their official vows! Like most things wedding related, double is always better. I’ve got my outfit for LA all picked out but have yet to decide what to do with my hair. This super cute variation on the classic Heidi braid, from the Rachel Roy fall 2011 show, may be a contender. What do we think?

I love that this could be as formal or informal as you like depending on what fabric you use. You can … Continue reading