Dizzy Swallows

Drawings and Departures

December 11th, 2011

Darlings. As ever I am catching a moment to write by the skin of my teeth. But this time it is not school that has kept me away, oh no. Term ended on Friday in a flurry of sighing relief, tossed back margaritas, and pre-break partings. Since then I have been consumed with preparations for our trip to Asia! I am positively buzzing with excitement.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 7am…seriously I should be in bed. Ha. But I wanted to leave you for the next few weeks with a few samples of work from this term! I’m hoping to replace the less than beautiful photographs of these drawing with much more professional replicas upon our return (they’re already shot!). Enjoy and wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

Featured image: Charcoal on paper

Unfinished sketch – Charcoal and white chalk on toned paper

Charcoal on paper… Continue reading

Fist City

September 22nd, 2010

This is a little sketch exercise from a few months ago in which I was playing with focus and showing depth of field.

Happy Fall my dears! Break out the scarves and boots!

Graphite on paper. 5″x5.5″ Photo from “Anatomy for the Artist” by Sarah SimbletContinue reading