Dizzy Swallows

Still Cleansing

March 25th, 2013

Well my darlings, we made it 3 days on the master cleanse, and then both felt an extreme need for sustenance other than sugar. After breaking our fast in less than ideal fashion (let’s just say certain noodle cravings we’re satisfied), we decided to continue our cleanse through Friday of this week. Now, however, we have switched to fresh juices (It pays to have a juicer at times like this. Evidence: the green monster my friend Hannah is modeling in the featured photo) and raw food during the day, with an evening meal of simple brown rice, or quinoa, and veggies. We’ve also added in the occasional miso soup, which is a deliciously savory change from the sweetness of juice.

For those of you curious, during the days of master cleansing I felt great for the most part – high energy, clearheaded, and hugely productive with so much extra time … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

February 4th, 2013 1 Comment

Hello all! This morning I wanted to share a song that’s been resting in my ear of late. It may seem odd to some, but it comes courtesy of Black Sabbath. The song is “Planet Caravan.” I hope you enjoy it too!

We have recently been plowing our way through old episodes of The West Wing. In stark contrast, it was interesting to come across this Huffington Post article about the President of Uruguay. Mr. José Mujica lives in his own run down apartment, donates 90% of his salary to charity, and has a net worth of about $1,800. “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is poor,” he says. Makes one think.


Ashley, co-author of a longtime favorite blog of mine, Hither and Thither, recently posted this easy method for foolproof soft-cooked eggs. You can … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

January 7th, 2013 1 Comment

The alternate title of this post is Current Obsessions. Thus:

Current song obsession: “Cosmic Dancer” by T. Rex. Loved it in Billy Elliot, love it now.

Cosmic Dancer by T. Rex on Grooveshark

Current hairstyle obsession: partially braided pigtails. Slightly more sophisticated than your garden variety piggy, and so easy to do.


Current food obsession: Cookie + Kate‘s Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Pasta. This scrumptious recipe comes together in a breeze and has been on heavy rotation in our kitchen of late.


Current space obsession: this amazing, airy studio. So completely jealous.


Current style obsession: orange-red lips and nails. Classic. Particularly when paired with a crisp white blouse.


Current DIY obsession: this genius daily calendar project from Design Sponge, which is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write down the year and something … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

November 26th, 2012

Yesterday I ran my 4th half marathon (3rd in Seattle). Following so closely on the heels of an epic Thanksgiving feast, I’m feeling decidedly sluggish today. Sluggish and hungry.

So to match my mood, here is a beautiful, but sleepy tune for you today. This song, “Dead Man’s Will,” is by a longtime favorite of mine, Iron and Wine, with Calexico. Enjoy!

Speaking of bodies in motion, I recently happened upon a gorgeous series by Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama. Simply titled, “Nude,” these images feature abstract shapes (which somehow remind me of pottery) created by a nude subject dancing in front of the camera. Rather than a very long exposure, these images are in fact a combination of ten thousand different photographs of each dancer.


Creating such a massive Thanksgiving feast has kick-started my holiday baking drive. I’d love to make these delicious looking pecan cookies … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

November 5th, 2012

Good morning all! I hope you all had a wonderful Fall weekend. This morning I’m excited to share a new favorite with you, the talented Nicolas Jaar. Jaar’s music is cerebral and emotive (what he self-describes as “blue-wave”), drawing inspiration from both his fellow-Chileans and minimal techno. You can listen to one of my favorite tracks, Colomb, by clicking play below. There are a handful of other songs to hear on Jaar’s website, linked above. Enjoy!

Colomb by Nicolas Jaar on Grooveshark

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is discovering and trying new delicious recipes. I recently found one such amazing recipe for a Swedish smörgåstårta, which to put it simply, is a sandwich cake. Ah the Swedes…


While browsing, I’d also seen a pin for making your own photos poster-sized for a measly $4.99. Elise and Emma of the blog, A Beautiful Mess, … Continue reading