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In Gratitude

October 9th, 2015 1 Comment

Incredibly, Quentin is one month old today. The time has at once flown and dragged painfully by (3am feedings, I’m looking at you) through this period of what someone dear recently, and very appropriately, described as “bootcamp.” Certainly we’re experiencing both extreme psychological and physical challenges, though there is more muscle atrophy than muscle building happening currently.

As some of you know, Quentin’s birth was not an easy one. Certainly very few birth stories are especially easeful, but ours was one for the books. I wanted to take a moment today to thank all of you, my dear ones, who gathered around us in those early days, and those special few whose sustained support has been invaluable in the weeks since. I had grand visions of sending out proper thank you cards to each of you angels, but all hopes of that have flown to the wind along with such … Continue reading

Remembrances of Summer Part II

December 10th, 2014

Alternate title: Rock Portraits. Alternate alternate title: My Coastal Obsession Continues.

The day after our Marmot Pass hike we struck out across the Olympic Peninsula to the coast. Following a brief stop in Port Angeles for the requisite bear canisters, and hurrying through Forks least we get soul-sucked by any wandering Twilight fans, we hiked into Second Beach, supplies and all. After Ruckle on Salt Spring, this is the camping spot most dear to my heart…you may notice they are both seaside. (Incidentally, though I figured this would be the last camping trip of the season, Jacob and I managed one more excursion out to Second Beach in the fall, which was expertly documented by my good friend Hannah.)

There are no campsites as such on Second Beach. Rather, it’s find your favorite patch of sand and setup house.

Our second day dawned ghostly and white, the very air … Continue reading

Remembrances of Summer Part I

December 5th, 2014

We had our first snow last week. Naturally we were out of town for Thanksgiving (more on that anon), and so were only able to enjoy the last soggy dregs that stuck stubbornly to the as-yet-unraked-leaves drifting about the yard. While the holiday season is one of my favorite times of year, I know in a few short weeks I will be nursing a furious case of cabin fever, longing in vain for any vestiges of sunshine. Such thoughts turn me to the long warmth of summer days past, and several adventures I was unable to share with you at the time (what with flitting off to Costa Rica and all). So without further ado, let us all indulge in a bit of sunshine.

The days of August sing a irresistible siren song, luring me out of doors and to the sea or mountains to enjoy every last gasp of … Continue reading

Welcome Ella

June 10th, 2011

Darlings, please join me in welcoming my new “niece” into the world. Ella Jo Dubail was born at 4:48 this morning, which just so happens to be her daddy’s birthday as well!

Congratulations Joe and Taunya on your sweet baby girl. And Ella, whenever you need some extra special pampering, just come on over to Auntie Danielle’s and we’ll fix you right up.

Image source, still from Marie Antoinette, Columbia Pictures 2006.Continue reading

Weekend Snapshots

June 7th, 2011

Hello my darlings! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! My apologies for my silence yesterday, I spent a long weekend on the island with my family, the sunshine, and the barbeque. Saturday dawned gloriously, dazzlingly sunny, reminding us all in Seattle just how beautiful our emerald city can be. We spent most of the morning dashing madly up and down the street for our neighborhood’s annual multi-block garage sale. I could not believe the treasures that some families were practically giving away in front of their gorgeous Queen Anne homes. My sister is in town from NYC, and we celebrated with a family day of croquet, beer, and feasting up on the farm. Here are a few of the sights, smells, and tastes:

Our triumphant haul including a vintage bunt pan, mixing bowl, dutch oven, serving plate, brass vase, and a solid steel block plane for Jacob.

Everyone enjoyed … Continue reading