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June 16th, 2014

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Taking a breather from our Honeymoon adventures, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our more recent days. They slip by towards summer with a welcome pull. I can feel the heat shimmering just over the horizon. In the meantime, I cherish these days of blooming flowers, good food, and dear friends.

We bought an immaculate and extensive set of Spode Rosalie china at the most recent Queen Anne Blocksale. Planning to sell shortly. Any takers?

Recent sun allowed me to process last year’s lavender, which been patiently drying. The pillowcase and rolling pin method answered admirably.

Our first BBQ of the season was one for the books, with three dozen Totem oysters. Mmmm.

I have watched with bated breath as my brugmansia sent out its first blooms. Amazingly, they opened white before transforming to pink overnight.

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Hannah and Will in Hawaii

December 3rd, 2013

There is something so contagiously joyful about witnessing two people pledging their love for one another. And never more so than when a marriage ceremony truly reflects the individuals. Our dear friends Hannah and Will (you may remember them from this guest post) were married November 16th, on a gloriously sunny lava flow on the big island of Hawaii. I feel truly blessed to have been part of the wonderful group which took part in a week of love, community, and feasting. Dear God, the papayas…

Photo by Alice Weatherford

Photo by Hannah Walh

Photo by Hannah Walh

Wishing all the good in the world for you two. I love you so!… Continue reading

Bricco and Efeste

June 15th, 2011

On Sunday, Jacob and I embarked on a culinary and vinous adventure at one of Queen Anne’s neighborhood wine bars, Bricco. Accompanied by two of our dearest friends, Hannah and Will, we were feasted with appetizers and five courses of sinfully delicious food, all paired with wines from Washington winery, Efeste.

Appetizers included a selection of salami and prosciutto from Salumi, pride and joy of Seattle’s artisan cured meats community. I give them the high praise of making the best prosciutto I’ve had outside of Italy. We washed the cured meats and soft, fragrant cheese down with a bit of champagne. You know, to start things right.

The menu was certainly meant for carnivores, but was well moderated by in season, local produce.

The first course consisted of buttery-soft albacore. Seared with a grainy crust of exotic salt. Served on a billowy bed of cucumber, crème fraiche … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

May 30th, 2011 2 Comments

Happy Memorial Day chicklets! I trust we are all still enjoying a well deserved cold beverage and kicking up our feet, yes? We certainly have had quite the weekend thus far, and I have a big fat juicy blog coming your way on Wednesday about a certain something new. Today, however, I think we all need some little bits in our life.

Ben Harper’s latest album Give Till It’s Gone has earned nothing but praise. Though I have yet to hear the entire album, I must say my excitement at the return of a long-loved (musical) friend was dampened with the release of the album’s first single: “Rock and Roll is Free”. It is nothing short of appalling. And very un-Ben. I offered up prayers of gratitude, therefore, when I heard the wonderful track “Don’t Give Up On Me Now”. The video isn’t much to write home about but … Continue reading

All You Need Is Love

April 20th, 2011 6 Comments

My darlings, today’s post will venture into a subject that can at times be polarizing. I ask you as my readers to keep an open heart and an open mind. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject, but please keep comments respectful and kind.

As I’ve mentioned, this past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two very dear friends. Which happened twice. Why you may ask? For the simple reason that the couple just so happens to be two males. The commitment ceremony and reception took place in Santa Monica, CA, with the official vows held two days later in Vancouver, B.C. While it saddens me that a loving and devoted couple must leave the country to make their union official, this had the happy silver lining of allowing both a huge wedding party and an intimate ceremony.

The afternoon before the wedding, … Continue reading