Dizzy Swallows

Summer and New Beginnings

June 21st, 2012 1 Comment

Happy summer my dears! I feel the distinct need to set this post to the soundtrack of David Bowie’s “Changes”, but will restrain myself. What a year it has been already. The tectonic plates of my life have been steadily shifting since December, and now (I hope) the quakes and tremors are beginning to subside as the landscape takes on some semblance of stillness. So. The news. Last week my year at the Gage Classical Atelier came to a close in grand style with a final show, an award (People’s Choice, baby!), and fond goodbyes.

My award winning cast drawing (heh). “Blitzkrieg”, Charcoal on Paper, 2012.

While this transition is not unmarred by sadness, it does mean I will be getting to spend some much needed time tending to my dear dizzy, which has been left to the weeds in this past year. I plan to return shortly … Continue reading