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Little Bits for a Monday

January 14th, 2013

Today’s music comes to you from Cold Specks, a London based group fronted by the talented Canadian singer, Al Spx (pseudonym). This song is titled, “Holland”, and is accompanied by one visually engrossing video.

Speaking of engrossing videos, I recently came across this lovely visual essay on the making of rose water and rose oil in Bulgaria. As some of you may know, my mother’s side of the family is Bulgarian, and my love of all things rose is a pleasing byproduct of that heritage.

We’ve been enduring a remarkably cold spat of weather, complete with snow flurries and temperatures rarely venturing past 35 degrees. This has me spending more time than usual huddled with my knitting. If only yarn wasn’t so expensive. Le sigh. However, single skeins and yarn scraps do have their uses I’m finding…

Are any of you familiar with the work of Gemma Correll? … Continue reading

Little Bits for a Monday

August 15th, 2011

Hello chaps! This morning I have a lovely little gem for you from the wonderful Laura Marling. You may remember her from this post last fall. Since that time, Miss Marling hasn’t been idle. Her new album, A Creature I Don’t Know, is set to go on sale September 9th. In the meantime, she has released this video for the single “Sofia”, shot in an old church in Buenos Aires where she performed earlier this year. Decked out with bangles and rings (no doubt purloined in India during her 2009 Dharohar Project), and sporting silvery-blonde hair, I stand by my assessment of Laura’s admiration for Joni Mitchell.

As you know by now, I have a deep love of all things knitting, and this jaunty-capped octopus from fiber artist Max Alexander is no exception. In fact, imagining a multi-limbed sea creature knitting himself a scarf tickles me pink. Now … Continue reading

Unraveling, Re-raveling

September 8th, 2010

Well my dears, any impressions I had here about Texas monsoons have been shot to hell by the arrival of Hermine. I’ve been trying to decide on an appropriate way to describe this storm for those of you unfamiliar with such weather. No single sentence seemed grandiose enough so here are a three: It’s like being in a giant weather blender in which rain, lighting, thunder, and wind grow more and more frequent until they achieve a level of intensity akin to stampeding elephants. It’s like some great cosmic fire-hose was unleashed on top of us. It’s like a World War II reenactment complete with explosives and waterworks.

Last night I was kept awake by continuous bursts of lighting, rain hammering the house, and the lowing of a poor group of cows that had, I imagine, had an even worse night than I did. Local reports are citing nearly 15 … Continue reading