Dizzy Swallows

On Port Townsend, House Hunts and Why Craigslist Can Eff Off

February 2nd, 2011

I’m sure I am not the only one find house hunting among the most nauseatingly dreary and frustrating processes devised by man. With the holidays well over, Jacob and I are more than ready to bid goodbye to our current housing limbo and put down roots in our next home. As I’m certain many of you know from painstaking experience, this can be a monumental task.

Tired of the same old apartments in Seattle, we decided to branch out for a fun weekend trip to visit a few rental possibilities in the charming town of Port Townsend. A 19th century Victorian gem perched on the northeast tip of the Olympic Penninsula, Port Townsend is a picture perfect seaport and artist-friendly community.

Port Townsend is an easy ferry ride over from the Keystone landing mid-way up Whidbey. I choked down my pride to take these photos, looking disturbingly like those … Continue reading

World Cup Banana Bread

June 24th, 2010

I apologize for this brief rant if you are not a soccer fan. Feel free to skip to the second paragraph. I absolutely adore World Cup season: the national pride, the camaraderie, the excuse to go to a bar before 9am. I have shared memorable hours of agony, elation and suspense with friends, family and total strangers. This season, however, has been shaping up rather differently. Each game is fraught with more crap officiating than I have previously had the displeasure to witness. And that include the Seahawks v. Steelers 2006 Super Bowl game. Penalties are called when no intended aggression is seen, while what would at other times draw a card goes on unchecked. But quite clearly the worst of it is the disallowed goals. The USA squeaked by with ours, but today Italy was not so fortunate (case in point: ball comes off Slovakian defender from inside the … Continue reading