Dizzy Swallows

And So…

March 29th, 2013

Today (in total, day 9) is the official end of our cleanse. Be it in part due to the vastly improved weather or other signs of spring – sunshine for days straight, flowers blooming, slackline up – I am feeling positively wonderful. Having consumed only whole foods and juices for the last week, we have successfully weaned ourselves off the sugar, salt, and fat rampant in processed foods. Though I will admit that my mind keeps wandering back to a certain bag of potato chips lurking in my pantry…

As I mentioned previously, this detox period has made me poignantly aware of what I am feeding my body. Don’t misunderstand me, I would describe myself as something of a hedonist (remember this Anthony Bourdain quote?), and firm believer that one of the greatest joys in life is good food. Sometimes our bodies just need a reminder of what that actually … Continue reading

Still Cleansing

March 25th, 2013

Well my darlings, we made it 3 days on the master cleanse, and then both felt an extreme need for sustenance other than sugar. After breaking our fast in less than ideal fashion (let’s just say certain noodle cravings we’re satisfied), we decided to continue our cleanse through Friday of this week. Now, however, we have switched to fresh juices (It pays to have a juicer at times like this. Evidence: the green monster my friend Hannah is modeling in the featured photo) and raw food during the day, with an evening meal of simple brown rice, or quinoa, and veggies. We’ve also added in the occasional miso soup, which is a deliciously savory change from the sweetness of juice.

For those of you curious, during the days of master cleansing I felt great for the most part – high energy, clearheaded, and hugely productive with so much extra time … Continue reading

Gnocchi with Sage, Browned Butter & Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

June 17th, 2011 2 Comments

Gnocchi is a food dear to my heart. Very nearly, but not quite, as dear as risotto and for many the same reasons.

I first learned to make gnocchi from scratch in the brick-domed cellar kitchen of the school I attended in Florence, four years ago. While I would by no means call myself an expert, since the first moments of instruction upon an immense, rough-hewn Italian table, I have taken great pleasure in making these little starchy pillows.

There are many acceptable variations on the classic gnocchi recipe, and numerous regional breeds. Therefore, though this recipe comes from my instruction in Italy by an Italian it is not necessarily the definitive recipe. Gnocchi is a notoriously temperamental mistress, changing with the weather, the humidity, the altitude. My two words of caution: do not overwork the potatoes, and add the flour slowly, using as little as possible. If your results … Continue reading

The Saddest Samosas

March 2nd, 2011 1 Comment

It has always been a source of pride that I can make truly delicious samosas. Golden-brown purses of soft vegetables rife with aromas of the subcontinent, the crisp, bubbling skin in perfect harmony with the rich chew of the inner dough. Are ya with me here?

Last spring I was the unhappy recipient of allergy test results which stated in no uncertain terms my body’s intolerance for what can only be described as “the good stuff”. You know, wheat (and gluten while we’re at it), eggs, milk, cheese, cream, butter, and even mushrooms. I have held off on getting into all of this nonsense in my recipes as I still cook for a certain someone who happily enjoys “the good stuff”. But for nearly a year I have dutifully adhered to this dietary regime. And my physical and mental health is exponentially better for it. Oh there have been lapses … Continue reading

Curried Red Lentil & Coconut Soup

January 18th, 2011 4 Comments

Hello my dears! I trust you all had a good start to the week? Apologies if the absence of a Little Bits made for a less than stellar Monday, I was occupied by driving my little brother to college in Portland! He is a fantastic pen and ink artist, and is attending Pacific Northwest College of Art. I am one proud big sis.

It was rather a long day, with about a three hour drive each way and two ferry boat rides. Needless to say, as we rolled into the driveway I was feeling less like cooking an extravagant dinner and more like cuddling up on the couch.

There are few things that fit hand in hand with a rainy Northwest winter than soup. Full of hearty lentils, this particular soup was just the thing for a sleepy, homey evening, and a lagging chef.

The flavors of this soup … Continue reading