Dizzy Swallows

Asia Part I: Vietnam and Sparklers

January 9th, 2012 2 Comments

Hello from the world of the living! As the crush of events has become so massive as to preclude any kind of coherently enjoyable discourse (both in the telling and the reading), my next few posts will consist primarily of photos. Jacob and I made it back safe but far from sound, with a nasty stomach bug that for me lasted 9 days (4 in transit from Cambodia to Seattle, including boats, taxis, buses, planes, and 1 cancelled flight from Tokyo to Seattle necessitating New Year’s Eve in an airport hotel), during which I lost a whopping 7 pounds (every one of which I could ill afford), and required 2 types of antibiotics to knock out.

Crushing illness notwithstanding, it was an absolutely unforgettable trip. And should memory fail us, there’s always the 1,882 photographs I took. Ya know, for posterity’s sake. There was one very special event in particular … Continue reading