Dizzy Swallows

Costa Rica Part II

October 15th, 2014

I would like to dedicate this, the second part of my Costa Rica experience, to my dearest kula. These amazing people, especially my soul family (you know who you are), made this training truly unforgettable. I am so lucky to have shared it with these kind, creative, inspiring individuals. Even more so that though we all had our different lives and personalities, we were able to form a close-knit group with openness, support, and laughter as our watchwords.

Looking back at Blue Spirit from the beach:

Giant cricket! We thought it was a bird when it first flew into the studio. I rescued it, naturally. The sucker was bigger than my hand…

Horse trekking on the final day:

Graduation celebration!

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Costa Rica Part I

September 17th, 2014

Hello all my lovelies! I’m excited to finally share with you the first installment of photos from last month’s Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training. This experience was truly a wonder, from which I am lucky to take lifelong friends, newfound courage, practical teaching tools, and a heart full of beautiful memories. The retreat center, Blue Spirit, was a miracle of natural luxury with a silky saltwater pool, the sweetest, most attentive staff, and what has got to be the most glorious yoga studio in the world. Our home for nearly every session, the aptly named Sky Mind Hall had us floating above an emerald canopy of lush Costa Rican jungle, looking out toward the ribbons of breakers marching into the bay. You can see a bit what I mean in the photo below (taken by our endlessly helpful assistant teacher, Laura Hand) of one of our meditation sessions…that’s … Continue reading

Home Again

September 8th, 2014 1 Comment
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July 29th, 2014

Feeling a deep sense of gratitude and abundance this morning. I just had the opportunity to interview one of my very favorite yoga teachers, the incomparable Esther Ekhart. I am leaving in a few short hours for the Olympic Peninsula to go camping and hiking with my intrepid mother and sister. And in a few short weeks I am heading down to Costa Rica for a Yoga Teacher Training with the wonderful Silvia Mordini! Here’s a peek from past programs:

Feeling blessed and sending out deep thanks to everyone and everything in my life.

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The Cruelest Month

February 13th, 2013 3 Comments

T.S. Eliot might say April, but I say February. For me, it’s always right about this time that my inner world gets dark and twisty. The long grey has all but choked out the memory of sun warmed skin, and the cold drizzle does little to alleviate cabin fever. My thoughts turn to unhealed existential troubles like a tongue to a sore tooth.

There is little to be done to bring the warmth of spring closer, but it must not be said that I easily give up the fight against this cruel month. As weapons to combat the dark and stormy, I have chosen the following:

Pruning. Clipping away the water sprouts from our aged apple trees reminds me to do the same to the feral thoughts that threaten to block out the sunshine. Aching forearms seem a small price to pay.

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